About me

I was born in 1968 in the town of Hildesheim, Germany. I went to schools in Hohenhameln and Hildesheim. Later I have studied electronics at the TU Braunschweig and the University of Sussex in Brighton. I have acted for several years as a field application- and design engineer (FAE/ DAE), supporting European customers with application specific integrated circuits (ASICs).  Currently I work as an engineering manager in semiconductor design, managing a team in the fields of design automation, power delivery, chip layout and analog design.

Apart from my profession in chip-design I also run a business for farming and gardening, focusing mainly on gardening of public places in the borough of Hohenhameln.

In my little remaining spare-time I also act as a moderator (= Schiedsmann) in the borough of Hohenhameln. This is mainly moderation in terms of legal questions between conflicting neighbors.

At my work I am founding member of the local Intel Emergency Amateur Radio team (IEARS). The team uses ham-radio as a possible means to communicate in emergencies.

In terms of ham-radio I was first licensed on my 16th birthday as DH8OAE. I then later upgraded to the full German license as DL8OBF. I meanwhile have an additional U.S. extra class license (KE7CVQ) and I am also a VEC. In the VEC-function we regularly offer U.S. license exams in lower Saxony, Germany.  Most of the sessions are chaired by the IEARS team in Braunschweig, Germany.

I am member of ARI, ARRL, DARC, RSGB, RRDXA and others. I regularly attend the “Ortsverband Peine, H20” and its meetings.

I am in the process to learn Italian, thus being able to communicate a bit in German, English and Italian.

„Leave no job undone“

It is my true and honest believe that one just should start doing. This applies in most aspects of life: Too often only a decent try actually explores the possibilities, while waiting and being concerned typically does not gain very much. Thus I typically just do things, starting something and try not to leave jobs undone. This applies to both professional life as well as private and spare-time activities. Even when not being successful, a decent try typically explores the possibilities and thus provides certainty. With this webpage I provide a glimpse on the various ongoing activity, most of the only being limited by available time.